Board of Directors

1. Shri. Jayachandran M.S President
2. Shri. P. V. Ravi Director
3. Shri. M. B. Chandra Bose Director
4. Shri. Santhosh Kumar Director
5. Shri. Azees A.M Director
6. Shri. Manmadhan Pillai V.B Director
7. Shri. Joseph M.D Director
8. Shri. Damodaran K.P Director
9. Smt. Sudharma Raju Director
10. Smt. Lasitha Murali Director
11. Smt. Mini David Director
12. Smt. Renuka M.C Director

Bank Staffs

1. Shri. M. P. Vijayan Secretary/ Cheif Executive
2. Shri. V. V. Sanil Asst. Secretary
3. Shri. K. G. Nishad Accountant
4. Smt. K. G. Valsa Sr. Clerk
5. Smt. J.M Deena Jr. Clerk
6. Smt. M.S. Sona Jr. Clerk
7. Smt. A.K. Shibimol Jr. Clerk
8. Shri. K. K. Raghuvaran Peon

To aid and guide the bank management in the field of specified activities, the following persons are working as consultants and advisors.

Shri. V. B. Pradeep Farm Consultant/ Agriculture Officer
Shri. P. V. Mammu Master Farmer
Shri. M. N. P. Nair Project Consultant/ Advisor
Monitoring Committee Members
Agriculture Convener- M.V.Varghese Joint Convener – Jayanthi Pankajakshan
Milk Convener-P.K. Dasan Joint Convener-Mohini Ravi
Jasmine Convener-Vijayamma Asokkumar Joint Convener-Padmavathy Chandran
Egg Convener-Ajitha Murali Joint Convener-Sreereshmi

Socially committed hands are helping the Bank in the service extension points. Trained food security army persons numbering 23 are providing services to farmers in the farms and fields.