Agriculture is an allround operation in the land (suject to its nature) by investing and depositing various iputs such as seeds, seedlings, manuers, etc after land preperation where irrigation, watering, pesticides application needed later. This is an activity to regenerate products output. Here, we are doing nature friendsly work without harming the land, water and air. The output so achived are items related to need based consumable food items such as Banana/ Related products, Vegetables, Paddy and so on. Again, here our Agriculture activitiesare promotion of

1) Paddy (Pokkali) cultivation
2) Fruits and Vegetables farming
3) Jasmine cultivation
4) Fish Farming
5) Eggs (Hen & Duck) production
6) Herbal Medicinal plants cultivation
7) Milk production.

All the Agriculture activities are done in an integrated manner, one enrichother, where scientific land utilisation
along with pretection and preservation of human values ensuring long term prespective.

How we do?

We are doing the work in five fold way

  1. Promoting, forming and activating Self Help Groups in different areas of production and encouraging the SHGs to produce more by offering all helps and backups such as loans, inputs and buy back of outputs. All kinds of aiding and guiding for production is assured. In all the 7 areas of productive activities we have a policy to extend help to member farmers of the Group. We are offering seeds, seedlings, manuers, pesticides and all other inputs at subsidised rates. Buy back of Products is guarenteed in the field.
  2. Food Security Army is provided same helps and previlages as in available and offered to SHGs. FSA is given land for their model farm activities in 2 Grama Panchayaths for which no land rent is levied.
  3. Individual farmers not connected with 1 & 2 above, are offered services on turn key basis where we arrange men, machine and all inputs.
  4. Institutions, as in 3, are offered Services in and around Paravur Block area.
  5. All Individuals and Institutions, when asked for services are being offered services for farming in part ot full.

Men, Machine, Seeds, Seedlings, Manures, Pesticides, etc. are given at reasonable cost.