Bank at a Glance

  1. SHGs were organised 16 years back.
  2. Different agriculture fields were identified and selected.
  3. SHGs were formed and affiliated to the Bank and activated.
  4. Pokkali(Organic Paddy),Milk, Vegetables, Jasmine, Herbal Plants, FIsh, Eggs, etc. are the priority sectors.
  5. 10-100 members in a subject group, several groups in a subject area and 27 groups in all.
  6. Activities for production and productivity, Spreading & restoring farming culture, larger secular vision, farmers’ security and assured market.
  7. Need based production, production based developement, generationof emplyement and income is the main aim and vision.
  8. Self reliance and local economical development.
  9. More than 1000 families directly and indirectly participating.
  10. Procurement, processing and distribuion along with production.
  11. Rs.18 Crores turnover during last 16 years. Contribution to local economy.
  12. Bank established “well planned mechanism” for organization monitoring and training to farmers.
  13. Bank provide loan at a nominal rate of interest, interest free loan to paddy farming and adjust the loan out of the value of product procured.
  14. Well worked SHGs are honoured and awarded every year and Individual farmers are also hounered and awarded.
  15. Integrated approach to Block-Grama Panchayath Programes and Plan Projects.
  16. In Paddy (Pokkali) sector, intervened in production, procurement, processing and distribution, Now trying for new approach and mechanism. Organic certification from an approved agency. Indocert and land area certification obtained. A district level project prepared and submitted to the Govt. for consideration.
  17. Milk Sector getting better advancement, local self sufficiency achieved, procurement price paid to farmers is highest in Kerala. Annual bonus is also paid.
  18. Tie up with Taluk and District socities of Jasmine Farmers for marketing and distribution of flowers.
  19. Support for production and marketing of all products of SHGs.
  20. Now, New vision is being sought for in accordance with the time.
  21. New idea and new mechanism is dreamed and worked for.
  22. Co-operative institution organising, and co-ordinating production based development.
  23. Farmers service centre is formed and started to aid, guide and serve the Farmers.
  24. KAU trained food security Army is in the Service of the farmers.
  25. Agri. Machinary, Equipments, implements and all other services are available to the farmers from the ‘Farmers Service Centre’
  26. Consistant arrangement for Marketing of Agricutural products.
  27. Main aim to achieve self sufficiency, food security and local economic progress.
  28. Other aim is for the fair and scientific utilization of land.
  29. Bala Karshaka Club formed and acivated to spread farming culture among children and students.
  30. Better for Bank, equally better for co-operators, Farmers and consumers. It is better for the area also.
  31. All are working and walking along with the time and needs.
  32. Let the people change their mentality become a model and let them help themselves, bank is at their service at all time.
  33. Come togethher for care and share of all and March forward for progress.

Specialities of our Bank

  1. 16 years experience in farming and activating SHGs
  2. Collection & Marketingof Agri. Products along with production promotion.
  3. Centralied arrangement for collection and marketing of Agri. products.
  4. Daily evaluation of day to day activities in each area.
  5. Correct and timely monitoring of activities.
  6. Best price offered to farmers.
  7. Own Poli House for vegitable production and seedlings production.
  8. Partner in activities promoting organic farming in the District.