Milk Here an average milk production is 600 litors daily in which procured and marketed by the bank. A SHGs and a model diary is producingthe Milk. Now 35 farmers are doing his activity. Bank is paying the highest price in Kerala. The operational area could attain self sufficiency in the matter is milk.


Egg Ducks and poultry is a major area for production. About 250 farmers are there in the field, all are members in the Bank Promoted SHGs (7 Numbers). Daily average production of Eggs (hens 3000)ducks 1000) is 4000 Nos. Bank is collecting and marketing the Eggs. Bank has invested an amount of Rs.24 lakhs in poultry alone.


Jasmine cultivation is spread in 5 SHGs and members numbering 40 in all. About 4000 plants are there now. Average production of Jasmine flower is 3 Kg per day, which is collected and marketed by the Bank. The marketing is done through the Taluk Flower Society, Paravur. It is easy to sell and assured market for flower is readily available.