Palliyakkal Bank
Palliyakkal Service Co-operative Bank Ltd No. 2232 was formed and registered on 01.07.1118 (ME), i.e. 16.02.1943 in Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam District. The Operational area of the Bank is limited to 6 wards of Ezhikkara Grama Panchayath. Now the Bank has completed 73 years of working. Though the early stage of the Bank history was very poor and bad, Bank has improved the performance during last 20 years. The improvement is reflected very well in the field of share capital, working capital, deposits and loans.

Bank is doing its traditional business as a dealer in money, accepting deposits and lending to members as authorised under the co-operative Act and Rules. Apart from the traditional business, Bank is promoting organic farming, extending services to farmers for better production and productivity. Facilities for collection of products and distribution is also arranged. Better price for products to farmers is assured. Bank has its own distribution centre of seeds, seed links, organic manures, organic pesticides, etc. and service of machine and men power under the farmers service centre. Bank has built a Poly house for production of seedlings and vegetables. A centre of collection and marketing of vegetables and fruits is another milestone in the service side. Milk, Flower, Eggs etc. are also collected from the farmers and distributed/ marketed for the best advantages of the farmers through out.

Deposits are accepted namely saving deposits, fixed deposits and MDS. Such deposits are eligible for interest rate varying 4.50% to 8.50% PA. according to the nature and duration of the deposits. Senior citizens are allowed 0.50% above the normal rate. Bank is lending to farmers/ members for longer period @ 13.50, 11.00% for gold loan, 4.00% for all agricultural activities except for paddy which is interest free. Secretary of the Bank is the Chief Executive Officer, who is looking after the administration under the control and suprendence of the elected body of 12 members Board of Directors headed by the president.