What is SHG

SHGs are association of like-minded people who are brought together under a organisational framework called Self Help Group formed, promoted, affiliated to and activated by the Bank to work for achieving desired results and output. Here productive activities are aimed in different areas such as veg. farming, poultry and duck farming, dairying, flower cultivation, fish farming, organic pokkali cultivation,etc. There are now 27 SHGs formed and activated to accelerate production in their respective areas. The groups are formed and affiliated to Bank and activated. They are supported and supplemented by the bank for forward march and attaining the desired results.


In all 27 SHGs are now actively doing productive work in their desired area namely fruits and Vegetable farming 5, Jasmine cultivation 5, Duck and poultry farming 7, Dairying 4, Paddy 1, fish farming and related activities 3, herbal plantation and processing 1 and one non agriculture group concentrating in traders side. The Bank is helping the SHGs in all respects. Bank is extending all helps to SHGs in each area as is required for prosuction and productivity.


Unity, unanimity and productivity are the motive behind the creativity of there SHGs. The farmers organisationally meet in every month for interaction and discussion. Prior to this monthly meeting, monitoring committee of each area is meeting regularly to take stock of the SHGs working and for remedial action if any. The activities are properly evaluated discussed and problems if any remedied. The monthly as well as monitoring committee meetings are regular process.

Types of SHGs

  • For paddy
  • For fruits and veg.
  • For milk production
  • For polultry (ducks and hens)
  • For Jasmine cultivation
  • For fish farming and related activities
  • For Herbal planation
  • For non-agriculture traders group